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How do I know that PC5 Solutions is the right Partner for me?

If your business has ever asked questions surrounding technology, and how to layer that onto your business including getting the paperwork done, then you may need our help. 

We find it's always best to reach out, and  have a live chat to figure out whether or not we get something done and feel good throughout the process.  

How do you customize your services?

We're a flexible company with knowledge and partners that cover several areas of technology including, infrastructure, software, licensing, security, business risk/compliance, and so on.  

We've lived in a world where we found that cybersecurity, can be linked to 3rd party risk and having a backup solution is as important as making sure you email is up and running.

If there's something specific that we can't help with or know someone who can help you, we'll be transparent in letting you know.  Transparency and trust is our reputation.

My company is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

We're capable of keeping your business relevant, compliant and efficient through several methods, all leveraging technology as the enabler. 

We will always give you options and opportunities that are aligned to the industry you're in, and will always consider the pro's and con's of the information we supply.

What does PC5 Solutions charge for your services?

The honest answer is that it'll depends on a 15-30 mins meeting or phone call to figure out what needs to be done.  

We can perform something as straightforward as making sure you have the right laptops / desktops / smartphones / software for your clinic/business, up to making sure there's an enterprise-grade solution to manage your growing business across several continents.