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Future-proofing your business

PC5 Solutions Inc. offers professional consulting services related to technology.

If you're a business that has felt the challenges of buying/sourcing, managing and maintaining technology and technology related elements to your business, then we can definitely take those challenges and create a program to keep your business operating and compliant with minimal risk and exposure.

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PC5 Solutions Inc.

Discover Our Expertise

PC5 Solutions Inc. exists to solve the critical challenges facing our clients who don't have access to traditional procurement or technical resources on staff.

Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes our clients successful. We provide tech-related services to help organizations drive value from suppliers and partners.

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Vendor Management and 3rd Party Risk

Every wonder what a partnership with a supplier/vendor means to your business and the impacts that could potentially put your business at risk?

We have the expertise, knowledge and framework to help a businesses cultivate and grow their current partnerships as well as exam and identify areas of exposure from every supplier/vendor.  

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Sourcing Technology and Deal Management

We supply sourcing services and deal management with an expertise in Technology related purchases for Small and Medium businesses. 

We deeply examine the business and technical requirements, tap into a large partner/vendor ecosystem for feedback, and then execute on a competitive bidding process through various sourcing techniques as deemed appropriate and efficient, to drive to a deal and have it properly contracted.

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Technical Support and Services

Technology continues to evolve where more small and medium businesses have a hard time keeping up with changes, and the reality is, there are some parts of the business which needs to keep older technology working, while others needs to accelerate their technology roadmap to meet the demands of the sophisticated clientale.

PC5 Solutions has the resources and partners whom already serve the Enterprise market, but are also willing to share and support the world of small and medium businesses.

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